Red Card Process 

Red Card offences include but are not limited to:


Offence Sanction

Red card as a result of receiving 2 yellow cards, 2 weeks min

Striking another player 5 weeks min

Repeatedly striking another player Remainder of the current year

Verbal abuse of a Referee 2 weeks min

Serious and/or continuous or threatening abuse of Referee                   Remainder of the current year 


Any physical force used against Referee,  including pushing / striking Referee      Permanent suspension 

 including pushing / striking Referee       

Before giving a Red Card the Referee should consider the following:


Venue Managers:


Disciplinary Committee



If you wish to appeal a Red card you must send an email to stating your case and why you feel you are entitled to appeal the decision.?


NB:  In a very rare occasion the Disciplinary committee on review may decide that a Red Card decision is to be over turned. This decision is based only on a full review and with input of the referee and if this is the case there is no points deduction for that game.