Tag is a soft-contact sport that is an enjoyable, fun and active way to keep fit and healthy throughout the year and the health and safety of players is hugely important to us. 

As with basketball, contact, whether accidental or deliberate, is penalised by the referee - but it is not possible to eliminate contact completely. 
And, although there are no scrums or line-outs and tackling is not permitted, as in all sports, some injuries may occur.

The most common are muscle strains and pulls from not being warmed up properly, as well as some minor bumps and bruises. More serious injuries can also occur, especially to fingers and thumbs while grabbing for an opponent's tag. Click on the link below for some
 tips on preventing and treating common hand and finger injuries that may occur from playing Tag. 



Personal Accident Insurance
We strongly recommend that every team has adequate Personal Accident Cover insurance in case of an accident or injury. All players should also do a proper 10 minute warm up and cool down routine before and after each game.

Experts tell us that taking on board lots of water while exercising is very important so we have provided you with some tips on that, while you should also be aware of the first aid facilities available at your venue, as well as local emergency contact numbers. 
Click on the relevant link below for more details.


Injury Prevention
Make sure you follow these tips on how to best prevent injury when playing Tag. 

First Aid
Find out about our First Aid policy at Tag venues below.

Warm Up & Cool Down
Make sure you and your team warm up properly and then cool down after your game. We have provided some sample exercises on the link below.